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Head, shoulders, knees and toes - keep those body parts warm with hand and body warmers. Keeping your extremities warm can be difficult, particularly if you are outside for long periods. These warmers last for hours and keep you warm all day.

Also. don't forget sun cream. It may not be warm, but UV rays can still be strong. Layer up with sun cream and lip balm on your face to make sure you don't get sun burnt on the slopes.

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  • SnoKart Boot Airliners Grey


    SnoKart Boot Airliners

    The SnoKart Airliner Boot Bag are lightweight waterproof bags with large easy access zip openings and easy carry handles ideal for keeping your wet ski boots in to prevent getting either the inside of your boot bag or your general luggage wet. The...

    RRP: £25.00
  • Mountain Pac Wheelie Double Board/Ski Bag Black Mountain Pac Wheelie Double Board/Ski Bag Black

    Mountain Pac

    Mountain Pac Wheelie Double Board/Ski Bag

    The Mountain Pac Wheelie Double Board/Ski Bag takes care of the stowing and transporting your ski's or snowboards, with an internal length of 160cm or 180cm (see size options) the impressive bag is capable holding up to two snowboards or two pairs of...

    RRP: £105.00
  • Hestra Handcuff Junior 80/17mm Red


    Hestra Handcuff Kid's Junior 80/17mm

    Never lose your kid's gloves again with the Hestra Handcuff Junior!You wouldn't believe the number of times we've had parents purchasing a new set of gloves beacuse one, or both of the previous pairs have disappeared! The Hestra Handcuff Junior ensure...

  • Hestra Handcuff Men s 100/35mm Black/Red


    Hestra Handcuff Men's 100/35mm

    Never lose your gloves again! The Hestra Handcuff is a must have accessory.Pull the elastic bracelet over the wrist and attach the strap to the handcuff attachment on the gloves. When the glove is removed it hangs safely on the wrist strap. When you're...

    RRP: £6.40
  • Manbi Pro-X Ski Ties Manbi Pro-X Ski Ties Manbi Pro-X Ski Ties Manbi Pro-X Ski Ties


    OutdoorGear Pro-X Ski Ties

    Wide and long ski ties with foam padding to protect ski bases. Designed by skiiers for skiiers. Limited production of only 300 pairs so you will always be able to find your skis on the busy racks.   Keep skis locked together Makes carrying...

    RRP: £9.00
  • Manbi Jumbo Ski Ties (Pair) Manbi Jumbo Ski Ties (Pair) Manbi Jumbo Ski Ties (Pair) Manbi Jumbo Ski Ties (Pair) Manbi Jumbo Ski Ties (Pair)


    Manbi Jumbo Ski Ties Pair

    The Velcro Ski Ties come in packs of two and are perfect for holding your skis together securely.    Pack of 2 Velcro fastening Find your skis easily in the rack Makes carrying skis easier 38mm Wide Made by Manbi Assorted colours

    RRP: £4.75
  • Manbi SPF30 Combi Suncream Loose


    Manbi SPF 30 Combi Suncream

    With a sun protection factor [SPF] of 30 the Manbi suncream is ideal for protecting skin in winter or summer and includes an integrated lip-balm in its dome cap that is SPF 15. UVA and UVB filters help protect the skin against the harsh effects of the...

    RRP: £12.50
  • Manbi SPF15 Combi Suncream  Loose


    Manbi Combi Suncream SPF15 Lip Balm

    The Manbi range of suncare products includes the Combi Suncream with a sun protection factor [SPF] rating of 15. The easy to apply tube contains a convenient 2oml of suncream. The Dome top boasts a lipbalm application rated SPF15.The Combi Suncream...

    RRP: £11.45
  • Manbi Bodywarmer (self Adhesive)


    Manbi Bodywarmer

    The Manbi Bodywarmers are perfect for a cold day, providing 12+ hours of continuous warmth. The Manbi Bodywarmers are made from all natural ingredients, are best used insulated within a pocket or a under a layer of clothing and are self adhesive. The...

    RRP: £1.95
9 of 9 Items