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Craghoppers Men's NosiLife Adventure IV Gilet

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The Craghoppers Men's NosiLife Adventure IV Gilet offers practical protection from biting insects in hot, humid climates.

Featuring the latest generation of Craghopper's legendary NosiLife technology, you are now better protected than ever. Unlike the previous generation, there are no more nasty chemicals. The active ingredient is Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, a plant based product which repels against insects like mosquitos known to carry life threatening illnesses such as malaria, dengue fever and zika virus. It also repels fleas, dust mites, red ants, midges, fruit flies and ticks*.

This new NosiLife technology is applied in a way that ensures the treatment lasts the lifetime of the garment. Combined with an additional odour elimination technology, your NosiLife product will stay fresher for longer. Winning an ISPO award for their new NosiLife technology, Craghoppers' have ensured that insects are unable to build up resistance to the active ingredient. 

Perfect for safari's or globetrotting to tropical and remote destinations, the Craghoppers Men's NosiLife Adventure III Gilet is packed with features for the demanding traveller. There are plenty of practical pockets, including an RFID pocket for passports or other vulnerable documents. It is an essential companion for the discerning traveller who is looking to protect themselves from biting insects.

*The technology is an effective repellent to ticks, the fabric is tested by an independent 3rd party testing facility. Due to the insects nature it is essential to cover any exposed skin with insect repellent clothing or lotion and ensure that the ends of trousers are tucked into NosiLife socks and all other openings are securely closed. Whilst NosiLife does reduce the chance of being bitten you still have to ensure that all uncovered skin is treated with an insect repellent lotion or spray.

  • Plenty of pockets for essentials
  • RFID pocket for passwords and other vulnerable items
  • Made from polyamide
  • Anti Odour technology built in means the garment stays fresher for longer
  • Updated NosiLife technology, featuring a plant based active ingredient
  • Unrivalled protection from biting insects
  • Guaranteed for life