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Evernew Titanium NS Pot 0.6L

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The Evernew Titanium NS Pot 0.6L stands out with its ultra-lightweight titanium construction and advanced ceramic non-stick coating, offering an unparalleled cooking experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Evernew's mastery in titanium craftsmanship is evident in this pot, which leverages their extensive knowledge to produce incredibly thin yet durable cookware. The pot employs 0.4mm titanium, renowned for its strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring it remains robust while weighing a mere 120g.

The addition of a high-quality ceramic non-stick coating significantly enhances the cooking process. This coating not only improves heat distribution and retention but also simplifies post-cooking cleanup. Typically, a quick wipe or a minimal amount of water is sufficient to clean the pot, making it exceptionally convenient for use in remote environments.

The 0.6L capacity of this pot makes it ideal for various culinary tasks, from boiling water to preparing noodles, pasta, and other simple meals. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it a perfect companion for backpackers and campers who prioritize efficiency without compromising on performance.

  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Enhanced cooking experience
  • Material: 0.4mm Titanium (made in Japan) with ceramic non stick coating
  • Pot Dimensions: 124 x 52mm (diameter/depth)
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Both lid and pot come with handles
  • Weight: 120g