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Evernew Titanium UL Pot 0.9L

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The Evernew Titanium UL Pot 0.9L is crafted for outdoor enthusiasts who value lightweight efficiency without compromising on capacity or durability. Designed for solo adventurers or small groups, this pot is an essential companion for cooking in remote locations.

Constructed from ultra-thin 0.3mm titanium, this pot weighs just 115g, striking a perfect balance between strength and weight. The premium titanium material ensures excellent heat distribution and durability, essential for cooking hearty meals outdoors.

With a generous 0.9L capacity, the pot accommodates larger servings and more intricate cooking tasks, such as boiling water for dehydrated meals or simmering soups. Its efficient design and quick-heating properties make it ideal for backpackers and campers seeking reliable performance.

The Evernew Titanium UL Pot 0.9L is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions while maintaining its lightweight advantage. Whether you're embarking on a multi-day trek or setting up a base camp, this pot delivers the convenience and durability needed for enjoyable outdoor cooking.

Even on extended adventures where every ounce matters, the Evernew Titanium UL Pot 0.9L ensures you can cook efficiently without adding unnecessary weight to your pack. It's the ultimate blend of functionality and lightweight design, enhancing your outdoor cooking experience with ease and reliability.

  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Material: 0.3mm Titanium (made in Japan)
  • Pot Dimensions: 136 x 642mm (diameter/depth)
  • Capacity: 900ml (with scale)
  • Both lid and pot come with handles
  • Weight: 115g