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Expedition Foods

Expedition Foods Beef Stroganoff with Rice 1000 kcal

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The Expedition Foods Beef Stroganoff (1000kcal) can either be used as a regular meal for two or as an extreme energy intake when you are hiking, mountaineering, sailing, camping, kayaking, completing marathons and triathlons or can be kept for emergency situations.

There is nothing like being able to get a tasty hot meal while you are enjoying the great outdoors and these delicious meals are freeze dried to keep them fresh, nutritious and lightweight making them ideal for throwing in your pack to take with you.

Expedition Foods has been around since the mid 90's and has been providing top quality freeze-dried meals to internationally acclaimed explorers, rowers, sailors, endurance athletes and mountaineers as well as campers, scouts, fire crews, military personnel and rescue service teams so whatever your need, always make sure you have a few packs of Expedition Foods at the ready!
  • Extreme energy serving for one or a regular meal for two (1000+ kcal per meal)
  • Delicious chunks of beef in a creamy vegetable sauce with rice
  • INGREDIENTS: Rice, Vegetables (Mushrooms, Onions), Yoghurt (Milk), Rapeseed Oil, Cream (Milk), Cooked Beef, Stroganoff Paste (Onion Puree, Paprika, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Parsley, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Black Pepper, Lemon Zest, Tarragon), Corn flour, Salt, Parsley, White Pepper
  • PREPARATION: Remove the Oxygen Absorber (Sachet) from inside the pouch
  • Add hot water (550ml), stir the contents and then close the bag and wait 5-8 minutes for the food to re-hydrate
  • NOTE: Cold water will suffice in an emergency, however the re-hydration time is much longer
  • Product Weight: 169 grams
  • Type: Beef
  • Serving Size: 1 or 2
  • Calories (per serving): 4194
  • 5kJ / 1003
  • 8kcal
  • Total Fat per serving: 67
  • 43g
  • Saturated Fat per serving: 18
  • 25g
  • Protein per serving: 22
  • 13g
  • Sodium per serving: 0
  • 94g
  • Total Carbohydrates per serving: 67
  • 43g
  • Dietary Fiber per serving: 5
  • 23g
  • Sugars per serving: 13
  • 18g
  • Other Allergens: Contains Milk
  • Gluten Free: Yes
  • The oxygen absorber helps maintain product freshness and is non toxic
  • Expedition Foods meals have a long shelf life of up to 5 years